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Cocktail Headaches: What They Are and How to Prevent Them


why does alcohol give you a headache

Alcoholic drinks (ADs) have been reported as a migraine trigger in about one-third of the migraine patients in retrospective studies. Many studies show that ADs are a trigger of migraine without aura (MO), migraine with aura (MA), cluster headache (CH), and tension-type headache (TH). While data on MO and CH are well delineated, those in MA and TH are discordant. There are sparse reports that ADs are also triggers of less frequent types of primary headache such as familial hemiplegic migraine, hemicrania continua, and paroxysmal hemicrania. However, in some countries, the occurrence of alcohol as headache trigger is negligible, perhaps determined by alcohol habits.

What to know about alcohol and migraine

why does alcohol give you a headache

There is even some debate about whether alcohol itself or another chemical component in alcoholic drinks acts as the trigger. This uncertainty makes it difficult for many people who want to responsibly enjoy alcohol why does alcohol give me a migraine during the holidays or on special occasions to effectively manage their migraine symptoms. Brandy, red wine, and rum have the highest levels of congeners, while gin and vodka contain fewer of these chemicals.

  • The advice she gives them depends on the severity of their RWH, Pace explained.
  • Each time you drink, write down the type of alcohol you have, the amount, and if and when you had a migraine.
  • Taking other precautions may keep you comfortable until your headache resolves.

The Migraine Path: Risk Factors for Progression of Migraine Disease

People who experience a headache after drinking should not assume that it is a migraine, especially if they have symptoms consistent with other types of headaches. For example, a tension headache may cause pain in the neck or shoulders. Without a consistent cause-and-effect situation, though, it could be a number of factors — not just alcohol — that are triggering your migraine headache.

Does drinking alcohol trigger migraines?

A person should avoid acetaminophen as it can worsen the effects of alcohol on the liver. A person should take ibuprofen or aspirin with caution as they could irritate the lining of the stomach. Migraine is a disabling disease that no one should have to go through alone. It’s essential to build a support network of understanding people who can not only check in on you during an attack but also empathize with your experience. Then consider joining the Move Against Migraine support group on Facebook so you can connect with others who live with migraine.

Over-the-counter (OTC) painkillers

Yoga and other mindfulness techniques are especially helpful as they target and alleviate tension while promoting relaxation. These types of exercises are commonly recommended to treat headaches and can help other symptoms of long-term alcohol withdrawal as well. Most of the more serious symptoms of alcohol withdrawal will go away after detoxing in a rehab center or under the supervision of a doctor, which takes about a week. However, some symptoms, such as headaches, fatigue, and insomnia, can persist for several weeks or longer. The relationship between alcohol withdrawal and headaches is an intricate one. But some people are more likely to have hangovers than others are.

  • A person could take a pain reliever, such as aspirin or ibuprofen, as they would for any headache.
  • In fact, headaches have the power to turn the best of occasions into total torture.
  • “If you grow grapes with the clusters exposed, such as they do in the Napa Valley for their cabernets, you get much higher levels of quercetin.
  • According to research also, women are more likely to experience headaches than mean after drinking alcoholic beverages.

why does alcohol give you a headache

why does alcohol give you a headache

why does alcohol give you a headache

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